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Comprehensive Infant Feeding Services
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Baby nursing, lactation consulting

At Wisco Lactation

we are deeply committed to providing inclusive and comprehensive lactation care to all families that we consult with. We provide unique, evidence-based support to families so that they may make their own informed choices in infant feeding. Our focus is to meet families where they are at and support them in a judgment free way that puts their mental health first.

Baby bottle feeding assistance


Feeding babies is our passion. We have extensive knowledge and advanced training in oral function, tethered oral tissue, breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding. Our goal is to help your baby feed functionally, grow optimally, and for you both to be happy and healthy.

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Baby Breastfeeding


Nursing parents can get our help meeting their feeding goals. During our consults we work on breastfeeding mechanics as well as taking a deep dive into your baby's oral function and reflexes to help with any issues you may be having.

Baby drinking bottle

Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding parents deserve support with feeding formula or human milk. During our consults we observe a bottle feed, do a full assessment of your baby, answer questions and give you guidance on how to move forward. 

Mother pumping, Spectra Pump


Pumping is not intuitive and takes some help to maximize your comfort and milk output. We offer consults that combine an assessment of your baby and pumping, flange fittings or a counseling session that could include back to work questions. 

"Wisco was such a big help with my breastfeeding journey!
They helped with positioning, latch and fitted me for a better flange size."

Kelly C.

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