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Step-by-Step Latching Tips

Updated: May 2, 2023

Let's break down latching step by step to get your baby latched on deeply to the breast. A good latch will ensure comfort for the nursing parent and good milk flow for your baby.

breastfeeding baby latching baby

Step-by-step latching guidance:

  1. Hold your baby very close to you and allow their head to tip back. There should be no space between you and your baby.

  2. Your nipple should look like it's going to shoot up your baby's nose.

  3. Pull your baby in close to you so that their chin touches your breast with your nipple remaining above your baby's top lip.

  4. When your baby's chin hits your breast it will trigger them to open their mouth wide. Put pressure behind your baby's shoulders to pull them into your breast even closer to latch.

  5. Your baby's lower lip should touch the breast first with the nipple still aiming up at the roof of your baby's mouth. Their upper lip will be the last thing to latch on. This ensures an asymmetrical latch that we are looking for.

  6. After your baby is latched tuck their bottom in very close to your body and slide them towards their feet if needed to free their nose and to help their jaw get deep into the breast.

  7. Your baby's cheeks should be touching your breast and you should not be able to see their lips.

  8. This should be comfortable and not cause any pain. If you are having latching pain it's time to reach out for help.

  9. When nursing is finished and baby comes off the breast your nipple should be the same shape as it was going in. If it is not this can indicate a shallow latch that needs assessment.

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