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Baby's Second Night

Updated: May 2, 2023

Did your newborn sleep really well the first day, but now they are awake and hard to soothe? This is normal!

crying baby

During their first 24 hours babies sleep A LOT. In their second night of life they tend to wake up and realize they are no longer in the womb where it's warm and comfy. They aren't hearing the same noises. They are dressed in clothes for the first time. There are all kinds of people holding him and lights and smells that are unfamiliar.

You may find that your baby, who was perfectly fine in his bassinet last night, now protests loudly when put there. He may eat and then fall asleep on you waking up soon after wanting to eat again. Rest assured - this is all normal!

Know that this does not mean that you don't have enough milk. Your baby finds comfort at the breast as it is close to their home in the womb. It smells similar, your heartbeat is there and it's just the right temperature. They are adjusting to this new world and need close body contact and nursing to help them make that adjustment.

Ways to get through the second night:

  1. Let your baby sleep on your chest or rest on your breast in just their diaper.

  2. Don't bother burping him, just keep him close to the breast and let him snuggle.

  3. Allow your baby to latch to your breast whenever they wish.

  4. Don't cover baby's hands. Let him use them to soothe himself and feel your body. This releases oxytocin.

  5. Tag team with your partner so that you get a break!

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