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Part 3 - Ashleigh's Tongue Tie Release Journal - Bodywork

Updated: Mar 23

Part 3 of my journal is going to cover bodywork. I'm a huge fan of multiple different modalities of bodywork. When our bodies are tense and in "fight or flight" mode we do not function well. Bodywork helps relieve tensions and misalignments to get our bodies in to parasympathetic mode telling us to "rest and digest".

Adult tongue tie

I have had neck pain for years that I keep at bay with chiropractic adjustments.

Today I met with Dr. Davis at Sozo Chiropractic in Kenosha for an adjustment. I've known Dr. Davis since 2013. Historically I will have her adjust me (or one of the other amazing chiropractors at Sozo) when my pain levels are high. I know I should be adjusted more often, but I'm so insanely busy it's hard to remember to make time until my body tells me it's time.

Adult Tongue Tie

Bodywork and Tongue Tie

Since a tongue tie (or any other oral tie) is a restriction of the fascia, that in itself causes tension. You can also have tension in other areas of the body that are compensating for your lack of range of motion of the tongue. For me that has been a forward head posture causing neck tightness and misalignment, jaw popping and misalignment and even some tightness down in to my shoulders and hips. Sometimes we forget that our bodies work together and issues in one area of the body are usually not isolated to just that area.

Bodywork comes in many different forms: chiropractic, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, massage and more. Where you live and what providers are in your area may dictate the type of bodywork you have access to. Chiropractic is readily available here in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I have also had craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and massage.

Soon Julia, our Occupational Therapist at Wisco Lactation, is going to be using The Feldenkrais Method® to work on my range of motion and flexibility even further.

As I prep for my tongue tie release it's important to relieve as much body tensions and misalignments as possible. We want to make sure I have the best range of motion and function going in to the procedure to encourage better healing afterwards.

The plan is to have regular chiropractic adjustments with Sozo Chiropractic combined with bodywork with Julia for the 6-8 weeks of prep that I'm going to need to do before my frenectomy.

Adult Tongue Tie

Gotta also throw in some amazing massage at Aalto Enhancement Center to help my nervous system get into parasympathetic mode.

What is next?

Julia and I have chatted about options for what is next since I have to wait so long to be seen for my palate expansion. We decided to see if getting the tongue released first is an option so I have a consult in a few weeks to discuss that. Will report back after that appointment!

This blog post is in no way medical advice and just my personal experience.

Local to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area? Have a child that needs bodywork before a tongue or lip tie release? Book a visit with our Occupational Therapist, Julia!


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