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  • Molly Peterson

How Much Breastmilk Should My Baby Be Getting?

Whether you’re a first time parent or on baby number four, it can be hard to remember how much breast milk your little one should be eating at time. Typically, a full milk supply is reached between 4-6 weeks postpartum and is considered to be between 24-32 oz in a 24 hour period.

Mother breastfeeding her baby

The amount that your baby takes will increase as they grow, but breastfed babies will generally max out around 4-4.5oz per feeding around 6 weeks old. It can also vary slightly depending on how frequently they eat. After your full milk supply is reached, you will NOT need to continue to make more and more breastmilk. Some parents get really nervous about this! Formula fed babies will need more than 4oz of formula in their bottles as they get older, but breastfed babies will not. Breast milk actually changes composition and breastfed babies eat smaller meals more often. Aren’t our bodies cool!? So don't let those large 8oz bottles you see at the store scare you!

Breastmilk Intake Chart

Birth - 24 hours: 2-10ml

24-48 hours: 5-15ml

2-3 days: 15-30ml (1/2oz-1oz)

3-4 days: 30-60ml (1-2oz)

5-7 days: 30-60ml (1-2oz)

8-14days: 1.5-2.5oz

15-21 days: 2-3oz

After day 21: 3-4.5oz depending on feeding interval (total of 24-32oz per 24 hours)

If you’re concerned about how much or little your baby is eating or how much milk your producing, it’s important to get a full assessment from an IBCLC to review your history, provide a functional exam of your baby, ensure your flanges fit correctly and evaluate your pump, do pre and post feeding weights to see how much your baby is eating at the breast, and more. You can book a consult with any of our advanced skill IBCLCs here

Need more help? Book a visit with Wisco Lactation! We offer home & office visit in SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois. We also offer virtual visits worldwide.


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